Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One More Thing

One more thing about Limbaugh. Believe me, it pains me to mention him again so soon, because the mere thought of his porcine face makes me nauseous, just like certain odors bring on an instant gag reflex. But I can't let this pass.

In his latest screed, El Pusball advised that orange faced baboon, John Boehner, to put Obama "in his place." And I'm wondering just where the fatuous turd thinks the President of the United State's place is?

Obviously somewhere beneath Boehner's. And Limbaugh's. And all the mental and spiritual dwarfs that make up the Republican presidential contenders. And the ghost of the "sainted" Ronald Reagan (God, don't get me started on that asshole).

And all the other white men, living and dead, in America, too?

Just guessing, but if Obama were white, this shit wouldn't be happening. Oh, there would be plenty of other shit for Rush to roll around in. That, after all, is what pigs do. They can't help it--it's genetic.

But this particular, "let's put him in his place" shit? I don't think so.

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