Friday, February 24, 2012

This Joke Is Getting Old

The GOP circus rolled into town the other night and all it left was a big, stinking, pile of elephant dung...

As expected, the circus brought the usual collection of freaks, fools, and phonies. Also, as expected, the crowd ate it up.

It's an old show biz axiom: Give 'em what they want and the audience will come out.

In this case "they" must want a party that openly hates women, minorities, young people, old people, poor people, working people, sick people, in short anyone who isn't rich, white and the right kind Christian.

A party that would do away with every Federal agency and every regulation that protects us from the avarice of corporations, in the apparent belief that Caveat Emptor should be the 11th commandment.

A party that would allow our air, water, and soil to be despoiled in the name of profit.

A party that would do away with every advance that working people have made in the last century. Minimum wage? Gone. Child labor laws? Gone. Unions? Gone. OSHA? Gone.

A party that doesn't trust women to have control over their own bodies.

A party that loves the fetus more than the child. Once you're born you're on your own--so pick your parents wisely.

A party that would entrust Social Security to the very people that looted our Treasury.

A party that thinks if you can't afford health insurance, and you get sick, you should do us all a favor and just die.

A party that is itching to go to war with Iran--because it would rather do Israel's bidding than our own.

I could go on and on...but this joke is getting old.

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