Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Glimpse At The Future, or: Ayn Rand Thinks You're A Pussy

OK, so a very big storm hits once again, but this time there is no FEMA because President Romney and Vice-President Ryan are sure that disaster relief is something the states should handle on their own...

You know, states like Alabama and Mississippi and Louisiana and the Carolinas and Georgia. Because they always do such a great job looking after the welfare of their citizens...Uh huh.

Good, solid, God fearin' Red States. Don't want no federal gubmint meddlin' in our affairs. Certainly don't want no black man in the White House, unless he's servin' the white folks.The South shall rise again, y'all!

So good luck to you, you hateful, halfwit, racist hillbillies.

And, while you're picking through what's left of the double wide, looking for your Heroes of the Confederacy Commemorative Coasters, you can suck on this:

Paul Ryan believes in that Ayn Rand bullshit that you're on your own and make the most of it. A small amount of cream will rise to the top, the rest will fall by the wayside. That's life! I got mine, Fuck You!

And Willard Mitt Romney believes that churches should provide all that is needed. Of course, his church only takes care of members in good standing of his church. So, swallow your pride, get a lobotomy, and join the Church of Latter Day Saints. They'd love to have you!

[By the way, this big 'ol, badass storm has absolutely nothing to do with global warming, because as we all know, global warming is just another liberal plot designed to hurt the oil and coal companies. Why do they hate America so much?]

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