Wednesday, October 3, 2012


As a strategy, insulting almost half of the American people might seem, on the surface, like a bad idea.

Especially when a good portion of your base is included in the group you disparage.

Tactically, I'm reminded of Custer's approach to the Sioux: Other than that bit at the end, things worked out pretty well.

Obviously, the usual concepts of campaigning clearly don't apply to Willard Mitt Romney.

And why should they? In Mitt's mind, he is one of "the chosen".  And we are so very lucky to have him. Just ask Ann.

We are not capable of understanding "the chosen". We are merely here to serve them.

So, whatever he says, whatever he does, we should just shut up and agree.

Compared to him we are all lazy layabouts, under-achieving, moochers. People like us should learn our proper place.

If anyone has an overblown sense of entitlement, it is Willard Mitt Romney. Remember, this is the guy who thought he could just waltz in and take Ted Kennedy's Senate seat. Why? Nobody but Mitt knows.

But I'd guess it was because, well, he's Mitt.

Isn't that enough?

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