Thursday, November 22, 2012

Things I'm Thankful for Today

It's been a long day in the kitchen preparing Mr. Turkey, my back feels as if it will never recover, but it was completely worth it! That said, here are a few things I'm thankful for this day.

--- Mr. B. Franklin, my blog partner, who has been a great friend for almost 30 years and pretty much keeps this blog running since I'm usually too lazy to post anything. Thanks, David!

--- Another Bruce show coming up in two weeks with friends from as far away as Australia coming to Phoenix for the show. Always a high point in my life. Hell, I've seen Springsteen 26 times already and those are 26 of the 30 best shows I've ever seen, including the top 15. To put this into perspective, I used to be in the record business and I would guess that I've seen well over 350 shows.

--- My family. Nothing more to be said, other than that I'm grateful to have the parents and siblings I have.

--- A ceasefire in Gaza. Anytime peace is announced anywhere in the world, no matter how temporary that peace may be, it's a cause for thanks.

--- The fact that we aren't looking at the inauguration of President Romney in January. Enough said.

--- My local public library. Even though the funds have been cut and staff reduced, they still never fail to get me any book I need.

--- My late grandmother for instilling in me at a very early age a lifelong love of reading. I still miss you, Granny Lee.

--- Soccer, particularly the English Premier League, the European Championships and the World Cup. I am so glad I got hooked on the game, particularly when I had gotten so cynical about American pro and college sports. They bore the hell out of me now that I know about the Beautiful Game.

--- Knox College. Best three years of my life. Thanks to all the faculty, staff and my fellow students. You made it fantastic!

--- Any of you out there that read this blog. I know there aren't many of you, but the ones that are there are why we started this. Now tell all your friends to give us some hits, because the more people that read, the more fun it is to write.

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