Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Really Successful Liar...

...sticks with the lie.

That's it? It sounds too simple.

Oh, but it's harder than it sounds. Most people will fold under pressure--especially when they're caught in a lie.

But your really successful liar doesn't fold. If anything, he or she doubles down.

Look at an expert: Kim Philby, one of the Cambridge spies. Fucker was suspected years before he was caught. But he didn't fold. In fact, he was so indignant and adamant about his innocence that the Brits figured he must be telling the truth. As a result, he got to keep on lying for a long time.

So Donald J. Trump, nee Drumpf, he of the short fingers and vulgarity, persists with lie after lie after lie...

He's gotten away with fabrications and falsehoods for so long. Maybe he believes them. Maybe he doesn't. At this point that doesn't really matter. 

It doesn't matter too his true believers, either...which is sort of the point.

No, to be a really successful liar, all that matters is that you stick with the lie come hell or high water.

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