Monday, May 30, 2016

Possible Trump Vice Presidents: The Short List

That "Hey Vern" guy. To appeal to low information voters. Oh, we've already got them in the bag? Never mind.

Sarah Palin. Call it an insurance policy. Besides, I would look very presidential by comparison.

Rush Limbaugh. See above.

Bill O'Reilly. He's a really smart guy. Just ask him.

Charlize Theron. Melania isn't getting any younger.

Ben Carson. I like the blacks. The blacks like me. Plus, he's a doctor--in case I need a prescription for something.

Eva Longoria. Just found out Charlize isn't a US citizen! Anyway, the Hispanics love me! This will make them love me more!

Somebody who knows something about government. Maybe we should have a contest!

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