Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ship of Fools, or: What Republicans Believe

A lot of rubbish about rugged individualism and self-made men.

And how much the Founding Fathers loved them some Jesus.

And how slavery wasn't really so bad.

And how the poor deserve their poverty.

And how government isn't the solution, government is the problem.

And how war is better than diplomacy.

And how bible stories are always superior to science.

And how the Bible supersedes the Constitution--except when it doesn't. Like that "thou shall not kill" nonsense.

And how the Second Amendment is the only one that matters.
Of course, the truth is somewhat different.

Here's the deal: America, the bestest country there ever was or ever could be, was built with stolen land and slave labor.

The fight to give labor a decent wage and safe conditions was the greatest achievement of the Progressive era. It created the American Middle Class--the true engine of capitalism, the envy of the world--which the Republican Party has spent the last 35 years destroying, brick by brick.

Because, you know, unions!

Racism, despite what a majority of the Supreme Court seemed to believe, still exists, as is evident every time a cop guns down an unarmed person of color. Or some asshole waves a Confederate flag.

And competent government is the only thing protecting most of us from the death dealing beneficence of unfettered free market capitalism.

Facts are heartless things...they don't care whether you believe in them or not. They continue to exist, whatever.

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