Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Flim Flam Men

"The Republican platform and policies are so obviously correct and right for America that they can only win elections by cheating and/or lying."

Huh? What? Those things shouldn't be in the same sentence, should they?

Well, logically they shouldn't...But as a practical matter they have to be.

There can be no other explanation for what we observe every day, all around us.

As soon as the Republicans gain control of a state's legislature, they immediately start trying to suppress as many voters who lean towards the Democrats as possible.

Whether by gerrymandering, complicating the registration process, shortening the voting period, or simply by not having enough polling stations in minority districts, they do everything they can to insure that Democrats will have a hard time voting.

And if a few of their own constituents also suffer, well, all the better for their cover story.

The Republican Party is afraid of open, fair elections.

The Republican Party fears that it cannot win an open, fair election.

Therefore, they will lie and cheat and steal to win.

And since they have no interest in governing, it really doesn't matter if their candidates are incompetent fools.

All that matters is winning.

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