Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hold On A Minute

We did not become the richest and most powerful nation on earth by being regressive, reactionary, know nothings.

We did it (gasp) by being progressive.

By embracing The New. By embracing Change. By embracing Progress.

Not at first, of course. And certainly not all at once.

But eventually, having exhausted all other possibilities, we usually do the right thing.

Despite all of our flaws, and yes there are a few, Americans are generally an optimistic, progressive people.

Oh, not all of us.

Some of us remain dumb as a post.

And that's the problem: we've been cutting way too much slack for our stupider citizens.

The supposedly "liberal" media sat back and let the Limbaughs, Drudges, Breitbarts, and Fox News' folks of the world get away with lying for too long.

Yes, everybody is entitled to their own opinions. But not to their own imaginary "facts".

And sometimes stupid people need their stupidity pointed out to them, loudly and repeatedly.

Because if you don't, they start to believe all the crap they hear from their "fair and balanced" sources.

And stupid just gets stupider...

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