Monday, August 8, 2016

This Will Be Fun...Of A Sort

Fairly soon, we will find out if there are enough truly crazy people in this country to elect Donald J. Trump president.

And since there is never a shortage of truly crazy people in our lovely country, there's no way of knowing until the night of the election.

Of course, the Republicans are expert at stealing elections, but do they really want Trump?


Until then, we will be entertained by more bat shit crazy pronouncements from the P.T. Barnum of American politics.

Of course, none of his bat shit blurting will bother the Aggrieved Faithful. If they haven't been turned off by now...

I mean, this is a guy whose businesses have gone bankrupt multiple times, who has outsourced to China, who has used foreign laborers, who has done deals with the Mob. And whose tax returns are so, oh let's call them "interesting", that he's afraid to let them see the light of day.

He denigrates women, Muslims, blacks, Latinos, the handicapped....the list is endless.

He's had multiple wives, countless affairs, and he apparently practices a rather unique form of piecemeal Christianity, that would normally be repellant to the family values crowd.

But he's white...and he's gonna come down hard on the black and brown skin people who leech off the rest of us. And he's gonna scare the rest of the world into...something...

And, most importantly, He's Going To Make America Great Again!!!

He promised!

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