Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Letter From A Sad Little Man

So Sheriff Joe Arpaio sends me a letter.

Now, if we're lucky, very soon, due to his own unique approach to law enforcement, Sheriff Joe Arpaio may be enjoying the inside of one of his jails.

But, until then, by God, he's going to fund raise for the next election.

And to fund raise, you've got to scare the more simple minded among us.

Scare them with talk of scary enemies!

According to Joe's letter, his enemies (and of course to his way of thinking the enemies of all) are legion:

Ultra liberals, celebrity lefties like Al Sharpton, George Lopez and Linda Ronstadt (!), law enforcement bashing demagogues, criminal illegal immigrants, and first and foremost, President Obama.

(No word yet on what Sheriff Joe's crack investigators have found out about Obama's birth certificate...stay tuned...these things take time...)

Yes, Joe tells us that "President Obama truly wants these illegal aliens loose in our communities--even hoping to grant them amnesty--so they can become hardened Democrat voters who will rubber-stamp his radical left wing agenda."

But thanks to the support of "patriots like you", Sheriff Joe is fighting the good fight.

And blah blah blah...

So keep sending Joe money, ok? He's the only thing keeping "them" from you!

This scam has worked for many years. America's toughest sheriff keeps getting re-elected by a large monolithic, block of frightened, stupid, old white folks. I'm talking to you, Sun City.

Who knows, he may win this time, too.

However, he may spend at least part of his next term in jail--not that that would deter his many followers.

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