Friday, November 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton Will Win Easily...Unless

Here's the deal:

Republicans have elevated stealing elections to an art form.

They gerrymander every conceivable district to either dilute or concentrate Democratic voters.

The result is that more people vote for Democrats and yet more Republicans are elected. This gerrymandering may not matter as much in the vote for President, but it sure helps keep the Congress full of mouth breathing simpletons.

And it means Republicans control many state legislatures, where...

They remove people, usually Democratic voters, from the voting rolls, at whim.

They stop early voting and curtail the voter registration period.

They under staff polling places in minority areas.

They send armed white thugs to "enforce the sanctity of the vote."

Also, in addition to their Russian hacker buddies, the GOP apparently has a whole cadre of Trump lovin' FBI agents doing every thing they can to tilt the election towards their boy.

Last, but not least, there are all those paperless voting machines that can be hacked and that leave no paper trail. Ask John Kerry about Ohio in 2004.

Republicans love democracy...but only on their terms.

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