Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Thank God! Big Mouth White Male Bigots And Bullies Finally Have A Voice Again!

It was rough there for awhile.

They had to tamp down their natural tendencies and try to at least pretend to treat other people with dignity and courtesy. And maybe even a little respect...

But fuck that PC bullshit!

They're back, baby!

And all you faggot cucks will have to deal with it!

This is America, you pussies!

Their boy is in the White House now!

And all you libtards who tried to ruin this country by treating "those" people as equals better watch out!

Break out the Confederate flags, the cheap beer, and the hillbilly heroin! Crank up the meth labs! Iron up the best sheets, Ma! We going' to the "nauguration!"


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