Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bow Wow

On the front page of last Sunday's New York Times, there was a story about a guy who paid $230,000 for a guard dog.

Now, I'm sure it's a very nice dog, with papers and all that, and probably can do some wicked cool tricks, too. Maybe even speaks a couple of languages. But $230,000?! Really? I know it's a free country, and a man should be able to spend his dough on whatever he wants, but come on!

(As I recall, the lucky dog's owner made his money running a collection agency...I suppose that's neither here nor there. Just because everybody I ever met who was involved with a collection agency was at heart a miserable, soulless scumbag doesn't mean this guy is too.)

I do believe, however, that if you ever needed concrete proof that extremely wealthy people in this country are A): completely out of touch with reality; and B): not taxed nearly enough, the $230,000 guard dog is it.

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