Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Pair To Draw To

Some jokes write themselves.

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump?

The two reigning giants of unwarranted celebrity got together the other day to share a slice and no doubt commiserate about the state of the union.

Unfortunately, just like Simple W. and the Dark Lord Cheney's 9-11 Commission testimony, no transcript survives, but one can only imagine the intellectual fireworks that took place when the great minds went mano a mano. "Not since Jefferson dined alone," as JFK remarked in a slightly different context...

The down home gal who can see Russia from her house and the big city man who can't help but slap his name--and 5 pounds of gold leaf--on every brick he finds, share at least one strong conviction: it's all Obama's fault.

"Sarah and Don: Forever And Always." I smell a reality show!

Or at the very least a Saturday Night Live sketch.

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