Monday, June 20, 2011

Smokey McCain

Senator McCain has announced, without any evidence, that the fires in Eastern Arizona were started by Mexican migrants. Now that's the kind of solid thinking backed by persuasive logic and an astute marshaling of the facts that we've come to expect from the 'ol "Country First" Maverick.

Since, at this point, no one knows who started the fires, it is entirely possible that they were set by illegals. But it is also possible, based on our past experiences, that they were started by a fire fighter looking for work. Or an inexperienced or careless camper. Or an anti-government white supremacist looking to cause trouble. Or maybe just a guy who likes to watch things burn.

The point is, since no one knows, why shoot your mouth off in a way that can only exacerbate the tensions in the state?

There's stupid and then there's ignorant. And of course stupidly ignorant or ignorantly stupid. Take your pick.

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