Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Listen my children and you shall hear...Oh, never mind."

It should be obvious by now to everyone that Sarah Palin graduated, with honors, from the Michele Bachmann School of American History.

Yes, she's just that ignorant.

Of course, ignorance can sometimes be overcome. There are these things called "books", see...

However, Sister Sarah is apparently surrounded by enablers who encourage her, for reasons of their own, to stay just the way she is: an amiable dunce, to reuse Gore Vidal's memorable description of Ronald Reagan. And so she constantly doubles down on her ignorance, to the evident delight of her supporters.

The scariest thing about amiable dunces is, once in power (and heaven help us all should that day ever come), they can be easily manipulated into doing whatever it is the people controlling them want.

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