Sunday, March 18, 2012

Anti Christ

Let's get one thing straight: nobody is a "better" Christian than Rick "Gimme That Old Time Religion" Santorum.

No, not even Jesus, who was, after all, a Jew...

That's right. I know this may come as a shock to some of you, but Jesus was a Jew. Not a Catholic, not a Methodist, not a Lutheran. And definitely not a Mormon.

And the idea of a group of worldwide, extremely wealthy, corporate religions mangling His few simple teachings for fun and, especially, profit would make His head spin.

However, since religion has surpassed patriotism as the last refuge of a scoundrel, anybody running for anything has to claim some sort of special, close relationship to God and His kid. To my way of thinking these relationships are usually tentative, often strained, and always one-sided. But that's just me.

(It's kind of like those genealogists who claim that this person or that is somehow related to the Queen of England. Yeah, right. Try that at the gate to Buckingham Palace and see how far you get.)

Anyway, since there is no provable connection, only hearsay, we must judge these people by their actions and not by what they say they are. Because, let's face it, people say a lot of things that are easily dis-proven.

So the question is: which candidate at least attempts to help the less fortunate, with things like housing, schools, food, jobs, and health care? And which candidates don't? Which candidate speaks out for inclusion and which for exclusion? Who encourages community and who encourages divisiveness? Who uses their religion as a truncheon, and who as a salve?

Therefore, using all the available data, judging them solely by their actions and beliefs, the "content of their character and not the color of their skin", and disregarding all the Super Dooper Party O'God crap that passes for Republican orthodoxy these days, one can only come to the conclusion that Rick Santorum is much closer than Barack Obama to being the anti-Christ.

In fact, it's no contest.

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