Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Here Lies Willard Mitt Romney

And lies and lies and lies and lies...

If it's not about Medicare or Social Security, it's about RomneyCare or what Bain Capital actually did to make money. Or how much he does--or doesn't--pay in taxes. Or...

Oh well, I guess we should expect nothing more from a Republican presidential candidate. Doesn't matter how much money they have, where they went to school, or how "moral" they claim to be. They just can't help themselves.

And who can blame them? It's been a highly successful "strategerie." Say one thing and yet do exactly the opposite. And always be the first to point the finger at the other guy. Then wrap yourself in the flag and grab a Bible.

They've gotten away with it since Nixon, whose "people" convinced the South Vietnamese to stay away from the Paris peace talks long enough to get himself elected. That's treason, by the way. Then, after a brief pause brought on by Watergate, it really kicked into high gear with Ronald Reagan, whose "people", allied with the Israeli's, subverted President Carter's negotiations with Iran to help tilt the 1980 election to Reagan. That's treason, too. Since the allegedly "liberal" Mainstream Media mostly ignored these acts, the Republicans were unshackled and emboldened enough that their lying, by now institutionalized, has stayed at near terminal velocity since then.

Remember Simple W. and the Dark Lord Cheney? I rest my case.

Today, the Party of Lincoln has finally reached rock bottom, willfully turning itself into the Party of Norquist and Limbaugh. And its candidate will come from Romney, Santorum or Gingrich. As that loveable cut-up Karl Marx once said, "history repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce."

I am tired. I have not the time, space, or inclination to list all of their various lies. It's not that hard to look them up. Suffice it to say, if their lips are moving there's a better than 50% chance that they are lying.

But some of you will still vote for them anyway. Is it because you are stupid, or scared, or crazy? Or a racist, or a fool, or one of the 1%? Or all of the above?

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