Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Well, What Have We Learned?

The Supreme Court is as highly politicized as the Congress. After Bush v. Gore and Citizens United was there really any doubt? Look out Roe v. Wade! Give the current line-up a chance and they'll have us back in the 1800's before you know it. Dred Scott anyone?

Also, once you're on the Court the usual judicial standards just don't apply anymore. The idea of recusing yourself for an obvious conflict of interest? Ridiculous!

Wearing a "hoodie" is a capital offense. Quick, someone warn Bill Belichick and Eddie Vedder! Oh, that's right, they're white. Never mind.

The majority of our state legislatures seem to think that women are too stupid, or too cavalier about the "sanctity" of life, to be allowed control over their reproductive systems.

In the end, there isn't that much difference between fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist Muslims. They both think that God speaks directly to them and them only, and that justifies anything they do.

There is no depth to which a Republican presidential candidate will not sink to appeal to their base.

About half of the American people have no idea what government does. They fervently believe the old Reagan lie that "government is the problem." Someday soon they may find out just how much they really do need the Federal government. And it won't be there.

The problem isn't with my "entitlements"; the problem is with your "entitlements".

Apparently the Dodgers are worth $2 billion.

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