Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Locking Up The Imbecile Vote

It might seem like a small, insignificant part of the overall demographic, but in today's Republican party, the imbecile vote is neither small nor insignificant.

And with Sarah Palin's endorsement, Donald "Yooge Wallet" Trump, has leapfrogged the field and nailed down this vital segment of the Republican electorate.

Palin--Grizzly Mother, Publicity Whore, Moron-in-Chief--controls the imbecile vote like Capone controlled Chicago.

Her every undecipherable, delusional, manic word-salad is like manna from heaven to her followers.

She speaks, and they melt.

You betcha!

And now, her patented brand of True Blue Shoot From The Hip Whites Only Fact Free Tea Party Patriotism is at the service of Donald "Really, I Have No Shame" Trump!

Talk about your Dream Team!

Stand back in wonder, ye lesser men.

Oh, and you too, Carly.

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