Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Still Ain't No Cure For Crazy

When they write the history of the last few years, one thing will be paramount: the very idea that there's a black guy smarter than them drove all the Republican peckerwoods plumb crazy!

So they say the most ridiculous things, unbelievable crap that only the most delusional of their base could possibly believe--because their base suffers from the same derangement.

And the President's generally centrist positions are treated as if they came straight from Trotsky's lips.

Take for instance the hysterical panic that greeted the Affordable Care Act, which is essentially a slightly modified version of a Republican health care plan.

This would all be amusing except for the fact that in their free fall into madness they decided to fuck up the country--just to show "him" who's still the boss man.

So, I guess the question is, how do you think these "gentlemen" will react to a female president?

With measured equanimity? With rational debate? With a passionate determination to fix what's wrong with our nation?


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