Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The American Experiment Is Over

Say "so long".

It was fun while it lasted.

We gave it a good run.

Oh sure, we had our problems. Slavery, sexism, racism, xenophobia, the wholesale slaughter of the native people, an odd tendency to worship rich people. White bread.

But we were making some progress...and the original idea was a good one--once we (slowly) realized that "all men" really meant we had to include everyone, and not just white male property owners.

That all changed a few years back.

Nixon turned on the spigot and Saint Reagan opened the floodgates and the Angry White Males  decided the coloreds, and wimmenfolk, and gay-os, and those awful poor people, and all those commies in unions, were just too damn uppity....and somebody had to do somethin' about it!!!

Cuz it weren't natural, that mad rush toward equality.

Certainly not what Jesus and his Daddy would want.

Now we have a majority on our Supreme Court that swears that corporations are people and money is speech. And that we don't have to worry about institutionalized racism anymore, because it no longer exist...and that unions aren't necessary because employers would never dream of fucking over their workers...and that your religious beliefs are more important than the Constitution--as long as they're the right religious beliefs.

And we have one of our two major political parties that is trying to choose which one, from a legion of craven, lying, delusional fools, to represent them in a national election.

So, yeah, it was fun while it lasted...

But it's over.


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