Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bad Woody. Good Mia.

So they gave Woody Allen some kind of lifetime achievement whatever at the Golden Globes the other night and like clockwork the internet erupted with "how can you honor that little pervert" posts.

Mr. Allen may or may not be a "pervert". For what it's worth, Mrs. Franklin is convinced that he is. She wasn't there, though. I wasn't there either. Nor were you. There weren't any legal charges that I am aware of. And just based on the vituperation that still emanates from the Farrow camp I'm guessing there would have been if they could have proved anything in court.

Still, it was a messy, ugly, repugnant situation at the very least.

However, we cannot overlook the fact that much of the residual anger directed against Mr. Allen from those outside the situation comes tinged with a heavy dose of what can only be called anti-semitism, of the "I always knew that dirty little Jew was a..." variety.

On the other hand, it is rather interesting that while Mia Farrow has recently hinted very strongly that her son Ronan was fathered by her ex Frank Sinatra while she was romantically involved with Allen, there hasn't been even the slightest backlash directed at her for this, oh, let's call it a lapse in fidelity. Which happened before Mr. Allen's alleged perversions.

And this would be because...?

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