Monday, January 13, 2014

You Can't Win If You Don't Play!

We are constantly bombarded with important news about our favorite celebrities. And yet there is only so much storage capacity in our tiny little minds. Something's got to give. As a result, we are forced to delete non-essential information to make room for Kardashian updates.

So it makes sense that by now most people don't remember that a lot of the money from the sale of Arizona State Lottery tickets is supposed to go to education.

At least that's the way it was sold to us. "Yes, this is state sponsored gambling, and yes it will probably tempt the less well off to spend money they can't afford to lose on lottery tickets, and yes the odds of winning are approximately the same whether you buy a ticket or don't buy a ticket--BUT look at all the money that will go to education! And besides, people like to gamble, blah, blah, blah..."

Of course, "supposed to go to" and "does go to" are two entirely different things.

Turns out that all of those millions have been sucked up in the state's general fund all of these years so that our wonderful legislature, which has a cumulative IQ of about 78, can do whatever they want with it.

And what they want to do is not give that money to education.

Can't afford to. Sorry. Have to plug all those holes in the budget caused by constantly cutting taxes. Because as we all know, the only way to create a strong economy, full of good jobs, is to cut taxes. Right? Right!

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