Thursday, January 23, 2014

Political Notes From All Over

The other day, you could have sat and listened, with rapt attention no doubt, to Governor Jan "Chuck Tell Me What To Do" Brewer's State of the State address.

Or, you could have gone to the nearest dive bar, ordered whatever was on tap, and listened, with equally rapt attention no doubt, to the non-linear, rambling, semi-coherent mumblings of the drunk next to you.

Except for the occasional applause, the experience would have been essentially the same...

Brewer is from the "starve the beast" party, and that means that nothing comes before tax cuts. Nothing. And that means that little things like health care and education and protecting at risk children fall by the wayside. So reshuffle the chain of command all you want, but as long as you underfund everything, you are very likely to get exactly the same results.

Hey, is anyone really surprised that once a morbidly obese bully gets his tit caught in a wringer everyone he has ever bullied before can't wait to get even with him? Guess what--whatever bad happens to Chris Christie, he deserves it. There is a special place in Hell for those who prey on the weak. Maybe he can scream at the FBI and the Federal judges the way he screamed at that teacher. Fuck him.

Sarah Palin, inconsequential numbskull that she is, asked the president to "stop playing the race card." Note to the Cypher from Wasilla and all of her rabid acolytes, when a black person points out that some white people are racists, they are not "playing the race card". They are simply stating a fact.

Meanwhile, down in Dixie, a former Governor of Virginia stands accused of stuffing his pockets with "gifts" from wealthy donors. Boy, didn't see that one coming. But seriously, why else go into government in the first place if you can't profit from it? I mean, we're not commies here, are we? No, dammit, we're capitalists and that means everything has a price. And if a fellow can't expect to get money and jewelery and pharmaceuticals and vacations and clothes and catering for his daughter's wedding, well by God the right kind of people are going to stop running for office. And then where will we be?

Finally, those of you wondering where the next generation of Republican politicians was coming from need look no further than the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity at Arizona State University. These are the boys who thought that the best way to observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day was by dressing "black", flashing gang signs, and drinking from watermelon cups. Because...well, you know, just harmless white mischief! I say fuck 'em. But the Grand Old Party recognizes potential candidates when they see them. Get some of that Koch money and run them boys for Congress!

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