Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Great Negotiator

We have no government shutdown (at least for a while, possibly a very short while). That's a good thing, I guess. What we do have is yet another instance of how President Barack Obama is not the man who ran for President, the man for whom I walked door-to-door, made phone calls and voted. Not even close.

This is President Obama's negotiating process when dealing with Congress: 1) sit back and watch for a while; 2) get involved by saying "OK, we'll give you everything you asked for at first -- now what else do you want? 3) OK, I'll give you most of that as well, but can we talk about this last little small item? 4) No, I swear the last little small item is not negotiable! Do you hear me? I said no!! 5) hold press conference telling supporters "By not granting my opponents this last little small item that they insisted on [after I asked them to tell me everything they wanted] we have won a great victory!!! " 6) send out a letter to all the people who worked and voted for him before asking them to work and contribute money again, because he is "The Great Negotiator.".