Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm just curious....

When did the things that I and most Americans have been paying for out of our paychecks for years become "entitlements?"  I ask this because I'm intelligent enough to understand that while everyone who gets a paycheck pays for these "entitlements", the burden is on the bottom 80% economically. After all, those who make a ton only pay on a small percentage of their earnings, which are earned at the expense of most of us, using the infrastructure that most of us pay for. We have allowed the Beltway establishment (all of which exists only at the whim of their corporate masters) to change the definition of the Social Security and Medicare payments we've made from what it is, a safety net for our old age or catastrophes, instead to become an "entitlement." This pisses me off. What pisses me off even more is that the people we have elected to represent us don't have to worry about this shit -- moreover, they don't even care. When, oh when, are we ever going to realize that without campaign finance reform, the politicians (both sides of the aisle) and their corporate overseers will continue to steal all the wealth from the rest of the country and then, when things go exactly the way these thieves have planned, tell us all that the only way out is for us to sacrifice even more. Yet we continue like sheep, being led willingly to the slaughter. Because after all, we still get to see American Idol, right? And heaven knows, that MegaMillions drawing will be mine next week and then I'll be one of the biggies!!!! So I can't possibly do anything that will jeopardize my estate that I will someday have against all odds.

Sometimes I think the American people are getting exactly what they deserve.

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