Friday, April 15, 2011


I read where that bilious pigboy Rush Limbaugh has called Obama's base "savages." Rushbo is such a clever boots and quite the witty wordsmith, too. My guess is that when one of Oink's typical listeners hears the word "savages" he can't help but think of the old Tarzan movies. "We gonna cook dee white folks up and eat dem." Of course Swiney didn't mean it like that. He never does. In fact, I must be a racist for even suggesting that ol' Bacon Face is a racist.

For the last time, Turd Pusball is not a racist at all. Just a good American. Not one of "them". Certainly not a savage. He's an entertainer. You know, like Amos and Andy?

Boy, weren't they funny? And wasn't that a great time? We should go back to that time. When women knew their place, blacks wouldn't dare to look a white person in the eyes, and gay people didn't even exist.

Limbo, I think they called it.

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