Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Follow the Money

Most things in life really aren't that complicated. We're born, we live for awhile, and then we die. The seasons follow one another in an orderly fashion. And the rich find ways to stay rich. If that means keeping other folks poor, so be it. Simple.

The reason there are so many "illegals" in Arizona is that a long, long, time ago somebody discovered that they will work for less than we will. They won't demand any benefits either. Demand? Hell, we'll send you back across the border! There are plenty more where you came from. Simple.

So all of these jobs that they are "stealing" from us haven't really been "stolen" by the "illegals" as much as they've been given to the lowest bidder. Simple.

Left to his own devices, without any governmental oversight or regulations, and lacking a moral compass, an employer will always seek out the cheapest labor, whether or not it's "illegal". Simple.

The same theory applies to all of the trans-national corporations that have outsourced millions of American manufacturing jobs over the last 30 years. It has nothing to do with "productivity". American workers are among the most productive in the world. No, the corporations simply discovered that they could pay a whole lot less for labor in India, or China, or wherever. Then they blame those "spoiled" American workers and their "corrupt" unions for "forcing" them overseas. Then they give themselves multi-million dollar bonuses and a pat on the back for being such smart businessmen. Simple.

By the way, the rest of us are lying if we say that we haven't benefited in some way from the cheap labor. But at what cost? Slowly but surely, the middle class disappears. And who do we blame? Not the corporations that sold us out by putting their bottom line ahead of their country's economic health, nor the politicians who enabled them. Not the employers that have profited for years by paying the lowest wages they can get away with, nor the policies that allow them to. No, we blame the "illegals", or the unions, or the liberals. Simple.

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