Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Few Random Thoughts For A Sunny Winter Day

Gee, for such good, patriotic, freedom loving, true-blue conservative Americans, Barry Goldwater and his brother Bob sure had a lot of mobsters for friends. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I mean, I still enjoy listening to Frank Sinatra, you know? It's just not what you expect from the 'law and order' party. I guess The Conscience of a Conservative had a few blind spots, huh? (I was reminded of this seamier aspect of Arizona's storied history while helping my son do research for a school report about the murder of Don Bolles.)

Speaking of seamy Arizona history, if every convicted felon was given a Budweiser distributorship soon after his release--like Cindy McCain's dad, Jim Hensley, was--I bet the recidivism rate would go way down. But then I guess not every con is lucky enough to take the rap for Kemper Marley...

Based on the crowd reaction at the Republican debates, South Carolina seems like an interesting place, full of fun people. Grab your whitest sheet and book a flight...

When did the Party of Lincoln morph into the Aryan Brotherhood? Or is that just to pander to all the good Christian folks down in Dixie?

Newt Gingrich really is a pig, isn't he? And speaking of Aryans, if Newt The Love God is an exemplar of the "white race", I think I'll start checking the "other" box on my census form.

As for his rival, the inestimable Willard Mitt "That Gordon Gekko Is A Really Cool Guy" Romney, apparently the real scandal isn't that he's only taxed in the 15% bracket. A lot of uber wealthy people only pay the capital gains' tax rate. No, the real scandal is that he is "sheltering" a lot of money offshore. And by "sheltering" I mean hiding. One man's clever accounting method is another man's tax evasion scheme. Some people go to jail for that sort of thing.

Ah, the 2012 Republican Presidential candidates! The gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving...

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Anonymous said...

"When did the Party of Lincoln morph into the Aryan Brotherhood?"

When LBJ signed the Civil Rights act.