Friday, March 25, 2011

1 step forward 2 steps back

Is it possible that the Republican antipathy to evolution can be traced to an absence of direct personal experience? The whole concept of "evolving" is completely foreign to all of them.

Think about it: Ron Paul begat Rand Paul and J. Danforth Quayle begat Ben Quayle. The bar wasn't set too high in either case--yet they couldn't quite reach it. And of course, Barry Goldwater gave us Barry Jr. Do you see a pattern here? They're going quickly in one direction, and it ain't up.

Of course the ne plus ultra of devolution is the Bush family. George H.W. Bush begat George W. "I'm the Decider" Bush, Jeb "I'm the smart one. No, really!" Bush , Marvin "Security? What Security?" Bush, and Neal "Silverado" Bush. At this point Howard Cosell would be screaming "And down goes Darwin!"

(I don't know much about the Bush daughter, Dorothy. I'm told she's like her mother and as far as I'm concerned that's punishment enough.)

From Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt to Palin-Bachmann-Pawlenty-Gingrich-Romney-Barbour et al in less than 150 years!! At this rate by 2016 the GOP will be starring in a Jane Goodall documentary.

Forget The Descent of Man. "Un-Intelligent Design" has a much truer ring to it.

PS the Rude Pundit has a great post today on unions, why we need them, what happens when the basic needs of workers are ignored, and indeed the ultimate consequences of treating working people as just another disposable resource and not as human beings. I'd post a link but believe me it wouldn't work, so just google him, OK?

EDIT: Here's the link referred to above. Check it out.

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