Saturday, March 19, 2011

If you love insane, then you should worship Arizona

Everytime I think a state like South Carolina takes the lead for craziest state in the U.S., another state like Texas steps up when its governor suggests secession. Just about the time I think it can't get any crazier than that, North Carolina and Viginia enter the mix by advocating for their own currency. Seriously. WTF? I think we've reached the absolute apogee of craziness, right? Nope.

You see, I haven't yet mentioned my own state, Arizona, The Copper State, a perennial contender for either stupidest or craziest state in the nation. Do you need laws to make guns OK on college campuses for students? In Arizona, no problem. How about after the Tucson massacre we decide we need to name an official state gun? You got it, we're there. Should we make it legal to carry (and even encourage) people to carry guns not only in the Capitol building, but in the Legislature itself? Believe it or not, my state senator, the insane libertarian Ron Gould thinks this is a good idea. Birther bills? They haven't yet been enacted, but they will be if our legislature, led by the immortal, touched-by-God (at least the Mormon God) Russell Pearce has his way. Anti-constitutional bills to give Arizona the right to change U.S. immigration laws? At least our reps voted down a few of them, although the worst is still on the books until the time that some sane judge rules that the bill is unconstitutional.

Now that I've mentioned the name "Russell Pearce" and the word "sane" in the last two sentences, it's time to note that Russell may actually be the sanest among his siblings. His brother, Lester Pearce, is actually a sitting JUDGE here. I kid you not. So let's see just how sane Brother Lester really is.

"I wrote a bill when I was in the legislature to give [the Gadsden Purchase] back to Mexico, because we had people in Tucson who were socialists." Mexico didn't want them, he says. "The divisions are going to become greater and greater ... It's not between the haves and the have-nots. It's between the haves and the entitled. Have you ever seen an interview with Obama's aunt? She says, 'they owe me.'"
OK, that's a start. How about this?
The one bright spot is Arizona's permissive concealed-weapon law, he explains. When the U.N. troops arrive, "they're going to have trouble."
Just so you'll know, L. Pearce, crazier brother of Russell also believes that the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote, violates "states rights."

The lunatics are coming out all over the country. I contend that Arizona has once again taken the lead.

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