Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday afternoon video addendum

If you're curious about what Bill Nelson has been up to since he put Be Bop Deluxe to rest in the late '70's, check out his website

For the past 30 years or so he's labored away at his home studio turning out some truly remarkable music, most of it completely unlike his Be Bop "rock star" stuff. In addition to his music, he is a visual artist and fascinating diarist.

I think his site is a worthwhile stop for anyone interested in popular music, guitar playing in particular (any of those "greatest guitarist" lists that doesn't have Bill Nelson in its Top 10 players isn't worth the paper it's printed on), and the overall creative process. His diary offers a wonderful insight into the evolution and struggles of the artist, with a peak at his personal life, too. And there's a link to buy his solo recordings, most of which are almost impossible to find in the US.

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