Monday, March 14, 2011

The real reason that the midwest Republican governors are doing what they're doing

Talk all you want about budget issues, it's a bunch of crap. You want to know why they're trying to bust the unions? It's money, pure and simple. The fact that unions are the ONLY groups contributing large sums to Democratic politicians. Every union that gets destroyed, or downsized to the point of irrelevancy, represents more money that doesn't get sent to Democrats. Period.

We are now watching the Republican autocracy do its best to absolutely destroy the two party system in America. The Citizens United decision from the Roberts-Scalia Supreme Court did more than I ever imagined possible for the right-wing to destroy the middle class -- until I saw the concerted effort to destroy unions as well. Let's face it, if corporations spend all the money on campaigns with no money available on the other side, who's going to win the elections? Clue -- it ain't the Democrats.

I'm beginning to believe a revolution is necessary in this country.

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